With such an important occasion ahead of you, it can be difficult to know where to start with a wedding ceremony.  You may already know some of the elements you want to include, or you may be at the beginning, looking for inspiration.  My goal is to help you create the occasion you’ve always dreamed of.  Together, we will create a ceremony that reflects your unique personalities and style; one that you and your guests will remember forever.

Commitment Ceremony
Commitment ceremonies are available for those couples who wish to make a lifelong commitment to each other without the legalities defining and formalising marriage, or if marriage is not legally available to them.  I can assist to build a ceremony that you will treasure for the rest of your lives together, unencumbered by formalities and imbued with love.

Vow Renewal
A vow renewal allows you to reaffirm your original marriage vows and promises to one another, and is an opportunity for couples to recommit to their love.  Together, I can help you to design a ceremony that pays tribute to the years passed, and stand as a symbol of the years to come.  It will reflect a mature love, blessed with all the joys and challenges of your years together. A renewal of vows is a fun way to rejuvenate your marriage and to start the next chapter of your relationship.

Naming Ceremony
A naming ceremony can be organised in any way you want, to reflect who are you as a couple and who you wish to be as parents.  It can be fun and interactive for guests who could release balloons, sign a book with wishes for the child or help make an artwork for the child.  Or it can be a calm and spiritual ceremony, closely aligned with tradition through poems or readings.  With my help, we can build an event to celebrate the beginning of your child’s life.