Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony can be organised in any way you want, to reflect who are you as a couple and who you wish to be as parents.  It can be fun and interactive for guests who could release balloons, sign a book with wishes for the child or help make an artwork for the child.  Or it can be a calm and spiritual ceremony, closely aligned with tradition through poems or readings.  With my help, we can build an event to celebrate the beginning of your child’s life.

As the mother of a beautiful two-year-old little girl (not that I am biased), I know the incredible sense of love and responsibility that comes from the moment your child is born. Your naming ceremony is like a promise to your child, that you’re ready to teach and nourish them as parents.

As part of the ceremony, the parents will often state their love and commitment to the child and declare their hopes for their future. It’s also nice to explain why you have chosen your child’s name and what it means to you.

You may want to choose special people to be part of the ceremony. Rather than godparents, whose traditional role is to help guide the child in a Christian life, you can pick “supporting adults” or “mentors”, who will be there for your child throughout their childhood and life. It is also the perfect time to say a few words as to why you have chosen them and what role you hope they will play in your child’s life.


Naming Ceremony Trish Johnson

Please be aware that naming ceremonies are not legally binding and do not have any legal status.  However, as your celebrant, I will present you with a record of the ceremony as a token of the day.

The upside to it being a ceremony free of legalities means that you organise your naming ceremony anywhere you like.  Many of my clients host these events at their homes, which can add both ease and complication. Before deciding on a venue, it is worth considering the number of guests you would like and how to cater for them.  Depending on the size of your guest list, it may be easier to use a venue where they can take care of these elements, so you can relax and enjoy your day without stress.