Next Steps

Step 1
Contact me so we can organise a suitable meeting time and place. There is absolutely no cost for this initial meeting: it is intended to give you and your fiancé a chance to meet me and decide if you want to go ahead. I will ask some basic questions and explain the journey we are going to take to create your ceremony. After this meeting, I will pencil in your date for seven days, awaiting your confirmation that you wish to proceed.

Step 2
When you have decided that I am going to help you create a memorable and amazing ceremony, we will lock in the date and start planning. I will email you an invoice, Information Detail sheet, and Ceremony planning pack, and we will arrange our second meeting.

Step 3
At our second meeting, we will complete the first set of forms, including the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’. Please note: this must be done at least one month and one day prior to the ceremony. I will view and confirm that all your documents are as required. We will start to piece together your dream ceremony, with all the points that you want included. After this meeting, we should have a reasonable draft of the ceremony.

Step 4
I will document fully the agreed ceremony and provide you with a copy for you to check and peruse at your leisure. I ask for feedback on any changes only after you have read it thoroughly. During this time, I am available to talk on the phone or via email whenever you need.

Step 5
Depending on the ceremony, you may wish to have a rehearsal. I would suggest we do this the week of the wedding, so we need to lock this date in early. This can be a full rehearsal with all the participants involved, or just going over the paperwork with you and your fiancé. Any modifications can be addressed at this point.

Step 6
On the day, I will be at your venue about 45 minutes prior to your ceremony starting, to ensure that all set up is complete before your guests arrive. I will need a nominated person from you to check in with at the venue. I will check in again with that person after the ceremony, before I leave.

Step 7
Within twenty four hours of your wedding, I will register your wedding online, and complete and forward all legal documentation to the appropriate authorities.

the journey