Choosing a Celebrant

It’s a big decision that can impact how much you enjoy organising your wedding and how relaxed and comfortable you feel on your big day.  To help you decide, I’ve created an easy check list.

Association member

  • Does the celebrant belong to an official association, such as Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants?

your celebrant marriage celebrante

  • Is the celebrant available on the date and time you desire?
  • If you find the right celebrant, can you change your date?
  • Will your wedding be the only one on the day?


  • Does the celebrant have, or have access to, appropriate equipment such as a PA system at no further cost?


  • Is the celebrant experienced in conducting ceremonies?
  • Does the celebrant have the experience and information to help you design the ceremony you want?
  • Does your celebrant have good testimonials?


  • Is the celebrant fee in the right price range?
  • Is their fee commensurate with the amount of work they will be doing? Be aware of those under-promise and over-charge, or who are cheap and will not make an effort!


  • Do you get along with your celebrant? Do you find them easy to be around and talk to?
  • Is the celebrant flexible and willing to tailor a ceremony to your needs and wishes?
  • Is your celebrant pushy, or do they exhibit characteristics that you don’t appreciate?


  • Does the celebrant appear professional and knowledgeable?
  • Does the celebrant wear the appropriate clothing to ceremonies?
  • Do they have a reliable car, turn up on time for their first meeting?